Movie Files Reviews Secret Society Of Second-Born Royals

Secret Society of Second-Born Royals (2020), now streaming on Disney+, follows a group of young second-born royals led by a strong minded and outspoken Sam, as they try to figure out their place in the world. The film stars Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Sam, Skylar Astin as Professor James, Elodie Yung as Catherine, and Greg Bryk as Edmond. YouTuber Elliot from the channel Movie Files shares his thoughts on the latest Disney Channel movie.

They all have super powers. You definitely get some X-Men vibes but on a much smaller Disney Channel Disney+ scale. But it was kind of cool to see the different skill sets and different powers.

Being a 90’s kid and growing up with Disney Channel movies such a Halloweentown, YouTuber Elliot is intrigued and interested in the new generation of Disney Channel movies and how they compare to other successful ones such as High School Musical and The Descendants. He enjoys the superhero element of the film especially when the characters finally band together for a main cause to defeat the villain.

However, Elliot admits, it takes a second go around at the film to really see the message of the importance of embracing yourself, seeing that everyone is special in their own way and to embrace others that you probably wouldn’t have been likely to. At first the characters are so unrelatable and just seem like a bunch of rich bratty kids, according to Elliot, who says it really took him out of the film.

It was kind of hard to get on board with Sam and some of the other royal families because it was just like ok you guys literally have everything at your disposal and you’re complaining about what now?

In the end, the YouTuber realizes the character flaws contribute to the greater message of the film and that it is no doubt a very Disney family friendly film, rating it a 2.9/5 stars.

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