Movie Files Reviews Paranormal

In Paranormal (2020), a 1960’s science driven hematologist becomes the go to guy for supernatural and paranormal investigations. The Egyptian drama/horror/fantasy is based on the Ma Waraa Al Tabiaa novel series. The show stars Ahmed Amin as Dr. Refaat Ismail, Samma Ibrahim as Raeefa Ismail, and Razane Jammal as Maggie Mckillop. YouTuber Elliot from the channel Movie Files, shares his thoughts on Netflix’s latest international show.

I definitely want to give applause to the actor in this role. I thought he did such an incredible job of showing this flawed character who has these inner monologues, who has this kind of discussion with himself, who has his demons to fight. I really enjoyed his performance and Refaat is one of my favorite characters this year of any tv show. I really enjoyed his arc from the beginning all the way to end.

Though not hooked from the very beginning, the series does a great job at building the character arc and storyline where the payoff in the end is well earned, according to Elliot. He notices how well the show dives deep into the psyche of the characters and watches their journey unfold as the show borrows aspects from the drama genre and the psychological thriller genre.

Elliot also gives praise to Netflix for featuring more international stories and international content.

The performances were great and the production was great; however, the series is lacking in its special effects area, which is especially noticeable in episode three, says the YouTuber.

Despite a few knit picks, Elliot highly recommends the show and is hoping for a second season.

Paranormal is now streaming on Netflix.

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