MovieCore Reviews Clouds

Based on a true story, Clouds (2020) follows the inspirational journey of teenager Zach Sobiech as he records a hit song “clouds.” Directed and produced by Justin Baldoni, the movie stars Fin Argus, Sabrina Carpenter, Madison Iseman, Neve Campbell and Jason Mraz. YouTuber MovieCore shares his thoughts on the musical drama now streaming on Disney+.

It was sappy and a little cheesy here and there … but to the movies credit it did try and spin it to something that could be wholly relatable even if you haven’t experienced all the things that the main character is going through.

In true Disney form, Clouds is a very emotional movie that successfully slaps you right in the feels, says the YouTuber. He notes that though it is based on a true story and true events specific to Zach Sobiech, the film does a great job in portraying it in a relatable sense holistically.

One aspect of the film the YouTuber relates to is a specific scene that seems to play homage to another movie That Thing You Do (1996), one of his favorite films.

But one little thing that absolutely just warmed my heart because this is a music movie, is they got a guy named Tom Everett Scott to play the dad and … he played the drummer in a little movie called That Thing You Do, and there is a very very noticeable moment in this movie that is … an homage to a scene from That Thing You Do.

The film does integrate a religious aspect to the story, but does it in a way that is presenting religious ideas and not pushing them to be certain truths, according to the YouTuber. In the end, the performances of each character are great and seemed to stay very true to the actual events the story is based on. MovieCore highly recommends this film rating it an 8.8/10.

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