YouTuber says Vanquish is an Ugly Movie

In the latest film Vanquish (2021), a corrupt retired cop kidnaps a former drug courier’s daughter in an attempt to get her to do his bidding. Directed by George Gallo, the film stars Ruby Rose and Morgan Freeman. YouTuber Movie Emporium shares his thoughts on the action crime film.

This movie is one of the worst movies I’ve seen this year. As well as one of the worst movies I’ve seen this decade in the 2020’s. This movie is absolutely just mind bogglingly bad. I don’t know what happened here. I really don’t.

Initially interested and intrigued by the plot, YouTuber Movie Emporium quickly changed his tune at the end of the film basically describing it as an hour and 29 minutes of Ruby Rose picking up packages of money and punching her way through bad guys. He is quite surprised by how much he dislikes the film despite big names like Morgan Freeman who he describes as “the most bored I’ve ever seen him in any movie.”

The YouTuber goes on to the technicalities of the film and compares it to a college level amateurish type material that is shockingly being presented as a big budget screener. With choppy editing, weird angles, unaesthetically pleasingly lighting – the film is just “ugly” says the YouTuber.

Baffled by what could have gone wrong with such an exciting movie concept, the YouTuber is sorely disappointed.

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