More YouTuber Tributes For Chadwick Boseman

YouTubers are continuing their tributes and commemorations for the late Chadwick Boseman. John Campea, Roxy Striar, and Tyrone Magnus share their thoughts on his passing.

YouTuber John Campea realizes upon retrospect of Boseman's career, now knowing he was fighting cancer, the importance of the choices Boseman made and respects how committed he remained to them.

You can't escape the knowledge that he saw a lot of the jobs he was being given … as being important roles to do. Whether it's representing Black Panther or whether it's being in Five Bloods or being whatever, he pushed on, and he was working and battling and fighting and never gave up for a moment.

YouTuber Roxy Striar and her guest Steph Sabraw discuss their immediate plans to commemorate Boseman and like many other fans they will be revisiting all of Boseman's previous contributions to film. Along with his iconic role in Black Panther, there are numerous other roles that have been critically acclaimed such as his roles in 42, Marshall, and Get on Up. Here is Boseman's filmography.

This also is going to make me go rewatch a ton of this stuff … Someone tweeted ‘can we all go watch Black Panther collectively today’ and I was like, yeah I think we can.

YouTuber Tyrone Magnus is shocked and left mostly speechless in his reaction to the news. He remarks on Boseman being so young and gone so early while admiring all that he accomplished.

In 43 years what he did most don't achieve in a lifetime. Rest in peace Mr. Boseman.