Kristen Maldonado Reviews Selena: The Series

In Selena: The Series (2020), the Netflix show is a retelling of the life of iconic Mexican-American pop star and Tejano musician Selena Quintanilla. Directed by Hiromi Kamata, the series stars Christian Serratos as Selena, Jesse Posey as Chris, Noemí González as Suzette, Gabriel Chavarria as A.B., Seidy López as Marcella and Ricardo Antonio Chavira as Abraham. YouTuber Kristen Maldonado shares her thoughts on the highly anticipated series highlighting the life and legacy of Selena.

I think the biggest issue that I found with this project is that I wish that they did more. It felt very safe, if kind of felt like sitcom-y. The production quality was not there. This is Selena. I wanted to see production quality on the level of Stranger Things … I just felt like some of the shots looked really cheap … the wigs … I had a feeling the wigs were not going to be the best from the pictures that they had been posting … I don’t think that they would win any awards for those wigs.

YouTuber Maldonado is quite unimpressed and disappointed by the series featuring the iconic Latina who she says continues to influence people to this day. She does point out the series does a great job at presenting the issues of Selena being both American and Mexican and the struggles to balance both parts of her identity; however, the YouTuber wishes the series went more in depth with that storyline rather than showing what she calls “surface level” plot points when it comes to how Selena and her legacy is portrayed.

It all just feels “very safe” according to Maldonado, who feels the series is a poor introduction to Selena for the newer generation who aren’t as familiar with the pop icon.

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