Moxie is another Feminist Story Told from a Safe Perspective

Based on the novel of the same name, Moxie (2021) follows the journey of a shy teenager who is inspired to create an anonymous publication calling out sexism at her high school.  The film is directed by Amy Poehler and stars Hadley Robinson, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Laruen Tsai, Sydney Park, Alycia Pascual-Pena, Amy Poehler and Josephine Langford. YouTuber Kristen Maldonado shares her thoughts on the film now streaming on Netflix.

They brought up this idea of intersectional feminism not being something that maybe Vivian’s mother had focused on enough when she was young. And I think that they try to bring that into this film and they just fail because of the fact that our story is still just centered around the straight white experience. And all of the people that are the supporting characters around Vivian who are the people of color, who are the women who are underrepresented … are just seen as kind of like the catalyst to prop up Vivian as this leader.

Disappointed in the film, the YouTuber felt the film stereotypically used the supporting characters, who were mostly the underrepresented women, as props to teach and support the main character who is a white female. Yes, it is awesome to see a feminist story, but its only every told through the lens of a straight white woman, according to the YouTuber.

The film tries to project this new idea of feminism but fails to do so. The film casts some great performers but at the same time severely underutilizes them. There is so much potential with this story, however, it doesn’t quite hit its mark, says Maldonado.

YouTuber Kristen Maldonado rates and reviews new movies and TV shows on her channel regularly.