Kristen Maldonado Reviews Dash And Lily

The holiday season is upon us and Netflix’s latest series Dash and Lily (2020) is sure to get us into the mood. An unconventional Christmas romance blooms between sarcastic and cynical Dash and quirky and optimistic Lily, as they trade dares and secrets through a notebook they pass back and forth. The romantic comedy is based on the book series by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn, stars Austin Abrams as Dash and Midori Francis as Lily. YouTuber Kristen Maldonado shares her thoughts on season one now streaming on Netflix.

Midori Frances, I think really stole the show on this project for me. She was my favorite character. I think I related to her the most … I love so much that this character is being played by a Japanese American actress and we really get to see that in her family … it’s not something I’ve ever seen before.

Finding her character so relatable and so charming, YouTuber Maldonado gives high praises to the actress’s performance in portraying this optimistic and life-loving young girl, who also sometimes feels the insecurities of her quirkiness and unconventional ideas of how to live her best life.

The YouTuber also feels the series did a great job in creating great chemistry between the two leads despite the fact that they were barely in any scenes together. It really shows that even through distance or not seeing each other, you’re still able to have meaningful and deep connections with someone else, says Maldonado, who thinks it’s a great message for the times we are currently in.

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