Them is an Exploitation of Black Trauma

In Them (2021), the series follows a black family who moves to a white Los Angeles neighborhood in the 1950’s during the heat of the civil right era. Created by Little Marvin, the anthology series stars Deborah Ayorinde, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Bashy, Melody Hurd, Alison Pill, and Ryan Kwaten. YouTuber Brandon K. Avery from the channel Just My Opinion Reviews, shares his thoughts on the series now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

This series right here is not a series. It’s just a number of episodes, in my opinion, to exploit black pain just to make a few dollars … this is black drama porn to the fullest degree, level 9000. And there is really just no excuse for it. I mean I am just shocked by the amount of brutality that was included in this series and there was no payoff.

Extremely disappointed to the point of disgust, YouTuber Brandon K. Avery describes the show as “the best way that we can screw all the black people and make a ton of profit off of it.” It is a series of trauma, pain and exploitation of black people’s lives without any pay off, justice or message of hope, according to the YouTuber, who says if he wanted to see that message being displayed, he could just turn on the news and not waste his time on the series.

One issue he is especially upset about is the lack of black unity in the show where it's shown that the family is always fighting against each other rather than working together and empowering each other. This family has to fight against racism and hatred, why do they need to fight each other on top of all that?

It is a show that the YouTuber will never revisit and does not recommend to anyone.

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