Brandon Avery Reviews Antebellum

Antebellum (2020), directed and written by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz, follows present day Veronica as she becomes trapped in a horrifying reality in which she must escape from a 19th century slave plantation. The film stars Janelle Monáe as Veronica, Jena Malone, Gabourey Sidibe, Eric Lange and Jack Huston to name a few. YouTuber Brandon K. Avery from the channel Just My Opinion Reviews shares his thoughts on the horror thriller film now available On Demand.

He is an evil racist white supremacist and I thought he did a great job of depicting that … his character in this film really did show how mentally deranged these evil demons were back in the 19th century and how they still are today … these people are lunatics.

It's so realistic, says Avery, who enjoys the accurate depictions of racial tensions in 19th century America; especially from the performance of Jack Huston who plays Captain Jasper, a racist confederate soldier. He notes everything from the costume and wardrobe design to the sets and even the script writing feels like it was giving him an authentic and accurate representation of the time period.

Throughout the film, Avery feels it is so realistic, it’s almost quite frightening. However, the sense of realism he appreciates quickly changes in the middle of the plot. In the second act, the YouTuber feels it differs very much from the first and third act leaving it to be the weakest part of the story and he feels through off the vibe of the entire film. The YouTuber is left confused and disappointed.

The first act was cool … but the second act … it seemed like the acting in this film in the second act just went down the toilet … just the dialogue, the script, just everything, the whole delivery just did not seem realistic to me.

Overall, the film gives an accurate depiction of 19th century Southern America in which the YouTuber praises for being historically correct, rating the film a 6.5/10.

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