Justin Watches Movies Reviews The Binge

Imagine a world where drugs and alcohol are completely banned and there is only one day a year when all of that is completely legal for 12 hours. In the Hulu movie The Binge (2020), starring Skyler Gisondo, Eduardo Franco, Dexter Darden and Vince Vaughn, three friends set out to make the most of their first time participating in the 12-hour drug and alcohol binge fest. YouTuber Justin from Justin Watches Movies, shares his thoughts on the comedy now streaming on Hulu.

Honestly the story for this movie reminds me so so much of Superbad … there’s three friends who are trying to get to one party and they have a lot of mishaps along the way. They run into different people. Everything is just getting in their way of getting to that party.

The YouTuber right off the bat feels the film gives off the same vibes of youth friendship and camaraderie that the film Superbad (2007) does. He notes the young actors performances are very believable and make for some laugh out loud moments throughout the film.

The three main friends have really good chemistry. You could tell that some of them were just so excited to binge and some of them are not, but they do seem like genuine friends in the movie and outside the movie as well.

Though an interesting concept to explore, similar to The Purge (2018), the YouTuber feels the concept was better than the actual film. It fails to execute an interesting storyline which towards the end, is eventually filled with cliché movie tropes that we’ve all seen before in other teen movies, according to Justin.

It’s a pretty entertaining movie, it’s really funny at times, but it’s terribly unoriginal when it has a really interesting concept working for it.

YouTuber Justin from Justin Watches Movies, gives The Binge a C+ rating.