Justin Watches Movies Reviews Superintelligence

In the latest Melissa McCarthy comedy Superintelligence (2020), a powerful AI chooses the most average person on Earth, Carol, to study and learn about humanity. Can Carol change the fate of the world and prove that humanity is worth saving? Directed by Ben Falcone, the film stars Melissa McCarthy, Bobby Cannavale, Brian Tyree Henry and James Corden. YouTuber Justin from the channel Justin Watches Movies, shares his thoughts on the comedy now available on HBO Max.

I don’t know what to expect from a Melissa McCarthy film. You may get a crazy over the top performance like Bridesmaids and The Heat and Identity Theft, or you may get a really good performance. While this is not as crazy as some of her earlier films and it’s not an Academy Award kind of film, it’s kinds of right there in the middle. It’s a really tame movie, and I kind of liked it.

Justin is pleasantly surprised by how much he enjoys the film despite it not being one of Melissa McCarthy’s over the top character performances that she usually plays. One aspect he enjoys seeing is the interaction between Carol (Melissa McCarthy) and the AI (James Corden). It is a relationship and friendship that builds over time and over the course of the film, the AI soon develops into more of a human-like voice after learning more about Carol and humanity, says the YouTuber.

The usage of current digital technology throughout the film is also very cleverly incorporated when the AI uses different digital methods such as the rice cooker to communicate with Carol.

An overall fun movie and great performance from Melissa McCarthy, says Justin who gives the film a B rating.

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