John Campea Reviews Coming to America 2

Looking for a male heir to the throne, Prince Azeem returns to New York in search of his long-lost son to bring back to Zamunda in Coming to America 2 (2020). The film is now playing in theaters and available on Amazon Prime Video. Directed by Craig Brewer, the all-star cast include Eddie Murphy, Shari Headley, James Earl Jones, Wesley Snipes, Arsenio Hall, Kiki Layne, Leslie Jones and John Amos to name a few. YouTuber John Campea shares his thoughts on the much-anticipated sequel.

When I look back at Coming to America and how often I’d nearly laugh myself sick watching that thing and you compare to this, it was charming, nice little story in this world, good seeing all the characters back, at the end of the day, it simply did not make me laugh all that much.

Eagerly waiting for the release of the sequel, YouTuber John Campea and co-host Robert Meyer Burnett are a little disappointed, both claiming the film was just not funny. Sure it has tons of charm, a great cast and a fun storyline, but as a comedy, if it doesn’t make you laugh, it’s not doing its job, according to the two hosts.

Burnett describes the film as “strangely neutered” and similar to watching a g-rated family drama. They both made it clear the film was not bad by any means, however, it fails to give the same energy and unique comedy that the first film does so well.

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