Jimmy Cage Reviews Tenet

In theaters this Thursday, Tenet, directed by Christopher Nolan follows an agent on a secret mission to save humanity from the threat of another world war. The film stars John David Washington as the Protagonist and features another one of Nolan’s themes of time manipulation. YouTuber JimmyCage shares his thoughts on the much-anticipated film.

It’s a damn fascinating film and one people will talk about a lot. It’s a giant mind fuck and all revolves around Nolan’s favorite topic, time.

The concept of time has been a central theme to many of Nolan’s films, says Cage who describes the premise of the film as revolving around the idea of time inversion. Some elements are moving forward in time, while other elements are moving backward in time. The YouTuber notes long time fans of Nolan will greatly enjoy this film and its intense thematic intricacies.

Despite the visually stunning action scene, much of it left the YouTuber really confused about what was actually happening. The way the story is told and the way the characters are represented are unanswered like missing pieces to a puzzle, according to Cage. The movie feels rushed, unexplained and the goals of the Protagonist are unclear.

When it comes to the action it’s definitely something fresh and exciting. But I have to be completely honest with you, it paradoxically somehow diminishes my enjoyment. Because orientation and a clear understanding of what is happening and why are very important aspects in fully enjoying action scenes.

The actors give a great performance throughout the film; however, Cage feels the story still did not do enough to build up each character. Because there is no background to who they are, where they are coming from and again what their goals are in the plot of the film, the YouTuber is unable to feel any sort of connection with the characters:

While I think all four main actors … are giving really great performances, the characters themselves are rather slim. So unfortunately, the movie itself wasn’t able to stir up a lot of emotions in me and the whole tone is very cold.

In the end, the YouTuber rates the film a 7/10 praising the vibrant visuals the film paints, but disappointed by its ability to present a cohesive plot line premise.

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