Jeremy Jahns Reviews Love and Monsters

Love and Monsters (2020), starring Dylan O’Brien, follows Joel Dawson as he journeys through a post Monsterpocalypse, meeting a few friends on the way, all while trying to get to his high school girlfriend Aimee. Directed by Michael Matthews, the film stars Dylan O’Brien, Jessica Henwick, Ariana Greenblatt, Michael Rooker and Melanie Zanetti. YouTuber Jeremy Jahns shares his thoughts on the latest adventure film now playing in theaters.

This is a movie about the human beings. The monsters are secondary and they don’t overplay the monsters. They don’t throw too many monsters on screen … when the monsters do show up, it feels special and it always feels intense.

Quite surprised at how much he enjoys the film, YouTuber Jahns feels the balance between monster attack elements and the main storyline with Joel finding a way to get to his girlfriend, works well in creating an entertaining movie. The YouTuber gives props to the great cast performance, especially the main character Joel played by Dylan O’Brien. His relatable and likable nature as an actor is translated well to his character as he develops throughout the film.

Dylan O’Brien, guy is a charismatic actor. He’s one of those actors, even if he’s in a movie that’s not so good, you can tell he’s giving 110% … if this movie didn’t have Dylan O’Brien as the lead, I’d probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much.

The YouTuber also notes the monsters are very entertaining as well. They are created in a way that the audience can tell what creature they are but at the same time, it is intensified and transformed into something you don’t want to mess with.

The creature designs are actually pretty rad because you know what animal you’re looking at but it’s a mutated version of it.

Jahns describes Love and Monsters as a coming of age movie with the emphasis on love and human connection.

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