Jeremy Jahns Reviews The New Mutants

The long-awaited The New Mutants movie is now out in theaters. The latest chapter to the X-Men franchise directed by Josh Boone, follows Dani Moonstar, played by Blu Hunt, as she navigates her way through her new gifts alongside a group of similar teens. YouTuber Jeremy Jahns shares his views on the highly anticipated Marvel film.

It’s like they wanted to have a comic book movie and a horror movie and it's 50% of either which means it’s the master of neither. All they end up doing is putting one foot in each pool but they never committed.

The idea of mixing the comic book genre and a horror genre seems like an interesting premise; however, the execution of the idea was not well done and disappointing, says Jahns. Jahns feels the film tries to go in both genre directions but fails to produce any new and exciting elements pertaining to either.

For the YouTuber, the first half of the film was just plain boring with too much predictability and cliché characters who had nothing to offer beyond surface level personalities.

Your characters are cliché if not boring. They just check the boxes … you have the asshole, you have the bitch, you have the nice guy, you have the nice girl, then you have or lead who is the nice girl but then her powers are very damaging to other people.

The YouTuber, initially intrigued by the concept of the world of mutants and giving them dark nightmare-ish powers, is severely let down claiming even the CGI special effects were uninspiring and just not scary.

All in all, the movie was choppy and not memorable, says the YouTuber.

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