Jeremy Jahns Reviews Raimi's Spider-Man (2002)

Spider-Man, directed by Sam Raimi, was released in 2002 setting a box office record of $100 million in its opening weekend. It was the first superhero movie of its kind and set a high bar for future comic book superhero genres to follow. The film stars Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Kristen Dunst as Mary Jane Watson, James Franco as Harry Osborne and Willem DaFoe as the Green Goblin. YouTuber Jeremy Jahns gives an in-depth retrospective review on the action fantasy flick.

What this movie really does for the most part nail is the tone. That 90’s Spider-Man tone is absolutely 100 percent here.

The film has a great mix of quirky comic book quips, great character story building, and action and adventure sequences according to Jahns. The YouTuber gives props to how well the film is able to visually capture the essence of the superhero despite the dated CGI and comic book cheesiness.

I just appreciate the fact that they were clear in their vision and they showed the audience where their vision is going, stuck the landing for this adventure, but also set it up to be a trilogy of its own adventure

The casting of characters is probably the YouTuber's most favorite aspect of the film. Although there was much gripe about Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man, Jahns feels the actor in a way fit with the awkward, dorky, good-hearted nature characteristic of Peter Parker, “I mean he was Spider-Man for an entire generation. A generation who loves Spider-Man. I think the dude was solid.”

The Green Goblin, played by Willem DaFoe, is another excellent casting example according to Jahns. Some of his favorite parts about the villain is when Willem DaFoe begins talking to himself in the mirror or to the mask as if he was really speaking to the Goblin; the film is able to accurately depict the motivations and intensity behind the characters actions. He does note that despite some of the cosmetic issues with the Green Goblin costume, the character is written so well and the actor sells it so well, it can be easily overlooked.

Everything about Willem Dafoe in the suit as the Goblin, out of the suit as Norman Osborne, right down to that Goblin laugh, it all just sells it.

The YouTuber believes another often-overlooked character J. Jonah Jameson, played by actor J.K. Simmons, definitely brought a whole new element to the newspaper editor creating what seems like a natural further extension of the comic book character:

J.K. Simmons just brought that fast-talking nature to where oh yeah he was loud and angry but he was also fast talking and hilarious … he didn’t overcook the comedy … he was just amazing.

An overall exciting and adventurous superhero storyline that definitely set the tone for future comic book movies to follow. Jahns gives Spider-Man his high rating stamp of approval: Awesometacular! Jeremy Jahns rates and reviews the latest movies and TV shows on his channel weekly.