Jeremy Hannaford Reviews Tenet

The latest Christopher Nolan film, Tenet, is described as a James Bond-esque film with a little bit of Jason Bourne and sci-fi elements added to it. The film is set to release in theaters on September 3, stars John David Washington as the Protagonist, who is on a mission to save humanity from a potential World War III crisis. YouTuber Jeremy Hannaford saw the movie twice in theaters and shares his thoughts on the latest film.

I thought there would be a little bit more in terms of the entire setup of how inversion is used. Sometimes it looks like the footage is literally just in reverse. Sometimes it looks like it’s a melding of the two, which is cool but again a lot of times there are parts of the film that just look like they just hit reverse on the playback.

It’s a fun movie, but at the same time quite disappointing, says Hannaford who ended up feeling very confused by the end of the film. The movie focuses on the concept of time manipulation. However, the YouTuber feels this concept isn’t used nearly enough throughout the film and notes only a few scenes here and there that really utilize or explain this phenomenon of time inversion. It’s used so little to the point of confusion surrounding the idea ultimately leaving unanswered questions.

It’s nowhere near used enough in my opinion. There’s only several elements in this film, a few here and there that are actually really utilizing that entire idea of how time is inversed.

When it came to the action scenes, Hannaford highly criticizes the cinematography efforts in that some parts of it were so unclear and out of focus. He does note that it is probably the cinematic style that is trying to be depicted, but feels it wasn’t giving the action sequences the full effect.

I know that people like his new cinematographer. And I liked his work for Interstellar and I was ok with for Dunkirk, but I couldn’t stand it for a lot of moments in this film…when you’re trying to watch action scenes and several times everything’s out of focus.

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