Jared Buckendahl Reviews Get Duked!

The horror comedy flick Get Duked!, released on Amazon Prime in 2019, centers around four teens who go camping in the Scottish Highlands and are suddenly being hunted down by a mystery group of masked adults. The film stars Eddie Izzard as The Duke and Samuel Bottomley, Rian Gordon, Lewis Gribben and Viraj Juneja as the group of friends. YouTuber Jared Buckendahl from the channel JBuck Studios shares his review on the British flick.

“The comedic elements and humor in this movie is very much present…its situational humor, not exactly dialogue driven but a lot of the situations they get in, especially the very end, was very funny.”

The entertaining mix of misfit degenerate teens who find themselves on a while adventure really make up the heart of this film, according to Buckendahl, who enjoyed the film and found the comedic tones to be laugh out loud funny at times. He goes on to describe the antics the teens get up to in the wilderness very much mirror who they are in the larger part of society.

“These characters, like I said, are very much degenerates, but they have these fun moments, they are doing these ridiculous things, but then they are also running for their lives.”

Despite landing on all the humor and jokes, the film failed to get its message across of cleansing out the next generation to preserve a superior society for the future, according to the YouTuber.

“Weeding out the bad apples and making a better generation moving forward…so that messaging is there in this film but I think that very much takes a back seat to the humor, the characters…I don’t think it really hammered that message home.”

Other than the accents and dialogue being somewhat difficult for Buckendahl to understand without reading the captions, the film was a fun time giving it a rating of 3/5.

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