Jared Buckendahl Reviews Fatman

In a unique telling of the story of Santa Claus, Fatman (2020) centers around Chris Cringle, a worn out Santa Claus, who gets entangled in a deadly battle with a highly skilled hitman hired by a disgruntled 12-year-old boy. Directed by Eshom Nelms and Ian Nelms, the film stars Mel Gibson as Chris Cringle, Walton Goggins and Marianne Jean-Baptiste. YouTuber Jared Buckendahl from the channel JBuck Studios, shares his thoughts on this film.

The setup, the world, taking this Santa Claus character… everyone knows this character … then changing it … also taking that weird lore of Santa Claus … but putting it in the real world. And I loved that setup and kind of the way that they took this lore or this character … then flipping it on its head.

Jared is very intrigued by this concept of Santa Claus as a working-class man, who is worn out and really has a sort of “PTSD” type syndrome from seeing a constantly growing naughty list and at the same time having to fight off a hired assassin from a vengeful child. It’s a very different twist on the “jolly Saint Nick” character arc we normally find when telling the story of Santa Claus, according to the YouTuber.

The film has a few pacing issues midway and the climax wasn’t as spectacular and over the top and it could have been, according to Jared, who does ultimately enjoy the movie rating it a 3/5.

YouTuber Jared Buckendahl from JBuck Studios, rates and reviews new movies and TV shows on his channel regularly.