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In the film Archive (2020), George, who is still suffering from the loss of his wife, painstakingly works to create the most human-like AI with the intentions of being reunited with his dead wife. Directed by Gavin Rothery, the film stars Theo James as George, Stacey Martin, Rhona Mitra, Tobey Jones and Peter Ferdinando. YouTuber Jacob from Jacob Anders Reviews, shares his thoughts on the sci-fi thriller now available on Amazon Prime Video.

Archive was a fucking awesome movie. This is a very well-crafted interesting movie that has you hooked from the beginning. The story is fantastic and the filmmakers did a wonderful job of divvying out pieces of it as the movie went along.

Surprised by how much he likes the film, Jacob especially enjoys the ending in which he claims is “awesome” and was filled with unexpected twists and turns. A great ending and hell of a payoff, according to the YouTuber.

Being only familiar with actor Theo James from his roles in the Divergent (2014) movie series, Jacob is very impressed by his performance. Most of the scenes consisted of James with the robots who he says created a believable and sympathetic character.

With top notch special effects of both CGI and practical effects, along with an “enthralling, interesting and fantastic story,” the YouTuber rates this film as, “worth the buy.”

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