Tina Turner documentary is “simply the best”

In Tina (2021), the documentary tells the life and career of super star legendary diva Tina Turner in her own words. Directed by Daniel Lindsay and T.J. Martin, the film highlights her life, her professional and personal struggles and her emergence to become a music phenomenon. YouTuber Steffi from the channel inn.my.humble.opinion, shares her thoughts on the film now available on HBO Max and other streaming services.

This documentary in particular is a great master class in show not tell. You know how normally when you watch a lot of documentaries, a good chunk of the documentary is you watching talking heads … a good chunk of this documentary is really comprised of archival footage and for me I really appreciate this because it’s one thing to talk about what a great performer Tina is … but it’s another thing when you actually watch the footage of Tina Turner performing onstage.

An aspect of the film the YouTuber believes sets this documentary apart from others is the fact that the filmmakers used tons of archival footage from Tina’s past to help visually tell her story as opposed to the usual “talking heads” that most documentaries feature when describing events in the past. This makes the film give a true perspective of Tina telling her story in her own words. This is also something that not many female artists of her time have been able to do, says the YouTuber.

Because Tina Tuner is a legendary musician, the YouTuber does feel like there is a lack of music featured in the documentary, but at the same time realizes the film is probably meant to focus more on her story and career rather than her music.

The YouTuber rates the film a solid A.

YouTuber Steffi from the channel inn.my.humble.opinion, rates and reviews new movies and TV shows regularly.