YouTuber's Friends are Unimpressed with Doctor Strange

YouTuber Holden Hardman is excited to move into the next phase of MCU films with Doctor Strange (2016), as he introduces this film to his friends Matt and Jenna for the first time. In the action fantasy superhero film, Dr. Stephen Strange’s life is turned upside down after a car accident leaves him unable to use his hands and he desperately turns to alternative routes for healing, where he discovers a hidden society battling dark forces. Directed by Scott Derrickson, the film stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephan Strange, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Tilda Swinton, Benedict Wong and Mads Mikkelson. First-time watchers Matt and Jenna share their opinions on the Marvel film.

Watching this movie just further solidifies that the character development is so important for me. I have to care about the character to care about the visuals. Because the visuals are awesome and all that but, I could just give a crap about this movie … I don’t like this movie.

Having absolutely no knowledge of Doctor Strange or having seen any of the trailers or mentions of the character, Matt and Jenna are extremely disappointed and will most likely never watch it again. Strange is corny and unlikeable, according to Matt and Jenna who does compare him to Iron Man’s character, but says Stark was much better in terms of character development.

He really has some similarities with Tony Stark as far as being the successful genius narcissist and then really has to rely on other aspects to kind of get him through.

There are a few scenes that Matt did enjoy and relate to, specifically when Ancient One’s (Tilda Swinton) character is giving advice to Dr. Strange and she recites a phrase that the YouTubers refer to as a “bygone jim” moment.

Old jedi master girl, she said we never lose our demons we only learn to live above them. Primo primo primo. There was a few bygone jim moments in here.

Matt also feels the humor in the film falls completely flat. The timing wasn’t great and it just wasn’t funny, according to Matt.

They really tried with the humor in this. They did a bad job, it wasn’t good. The one part when he was calling Wong a singer like are you Eminem, are you Beyonce, I didn’t appreciate it.

In terms of the plotline of the film, Matt is unimpressed. Time travel is just too easy, according to Matt.

You know that whole groundhog bit they did at the very end, I just didn’t care about. I’ve said this in the past that it bothers me when you say you can’t mess with time travel, and then they mess with time travel. That bothered me … it was incredibly convenient and I didn’t care about him as a character to be tortured for eternity.

What it all comes down to is how much he dislikes the character of Dr. Strange. If the character is unlikable and there is no character development, it’s hard to enjoy the film and other positive aspects of the film, says Matt. Ultimately, Matt describes Doctor Strange as a cornier Harry Potter and rates at 4/10, just right above another MCU movie character he disliked, The Hulk.

This was absolute crap… couldn’t stand it.

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