Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets: 1st Reactions And Retrospectives

Expelliarmus! In the next adventure, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the film dives deep into a mystery surrounding a secret chamber and the secret identity of Lord Voldemort. Directed by Chris Columbus, the second installment of the Harry Potter franchise starring Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint was released in 2002, delighting Potter fans across the globe eager to join our heroes as they continue on their journey. YouTubers Storm Akima, Rico Presents, Chris Stuckmann and Movie Flame share their retrospectives and first-time reactions to the second Harry Potter film.

I think it makes this movie one of the best at world building. We see Hogwarts in the other films, but we don’t feel like we’re there the way we do with this movie or when we read the books.

After re-watching the film, YouTuber Movie Flame came to the realization that this film actually gives the most accurate feeling of what it's like to be at Hogwarts. The cinematography and grand overview scenes of the castle and the great hall, especially during the Christmas scenes, gives the audience a sense of awe and grandeur. In addition to the epic visuals, YouTuber Chris Stuckmann along with Movie Flame, give props to the upgraded CGI and special visual effects used specifically during the quidditch match. They both made note of the massive improvements made to this film compared to the previous one, claiming it already looks years ahead in technological improvements.

The quidditch sequence in this movie is a lot more fun for me than the first one because it just looks better. It’s like they were able to create a better sequence after doing it the first time.

New to the Harry Potter universe, YouTuber Rico Presents introduces his girlfriend Monica to the magical world in hopes of turning her into a fan as well. An aspect of the film Monica doesn’t seem to understand is the logic behind the Harry Potter universe. After watching a scene that shows Hermione (Emma Watson) and her muggle parents in the bookstore in Diagon Alley, Monica turns to question Rico, “wait, humans are allowed to be in the wizard world”? Rico, unsure himself, also wonders if there are some sort of regulations for wizards and muggles.

Ok wait. So he’s still flying the car and he’s physically across the car, not looking where he’s going. And you’re telling me he physically pulled up another human being at a certain speed at a certain height …

Monica again seems to question the logic behind the scene in which Ron (Rupert Grint) is able to successfully save Harry (Daniel Radcliff) from falling out of a flying car despite so many elements stacked up against them. Rico simply responds with an explanation of “Harry Potter is supposed to be magical.”

YouTuber Storm Akima also introduces her family to the Harry Potter franchise and watches them react with “oh my god”, “ugh”, and facial expressions of suspense, disgust, and fear. In the scene where Harry is destroying Tom Riddle’s diary, the film had Kim literally sitting on the edge of her seat. She notes it was definitely more intense and a little darker than the first film. One aspect the YouTuber and her family notices is the film's ability to direct our feelings of a character in one direction and then in a plot twist turn those feelings into a completely opposite direction. The character development of Professor Snape in the first film and the identity reveal of Tom Riddle in this film depicts this very element:

You have all these characters that seem so predictable and they do it in such a way that it's exaggerate-y … but you never know … they mislead you and make you think that these characters are bad and they are actually maybe not so bad after all … we judge a book by its cover.

One element that some of the YouTubers find as a small flaw in The Chamber of Secrets, is the fact that it is so similar to the first film in the franchise. Both were directed by Chris Columbus and therefore saw a similar direction and cinematography, making them stand out from the rest of the films.

I think it was a wise choice the next Harry Potter film was done by a different director because these first two are almost interchangeable … there are a lot of elements that feel like, haven’t I seen this already?

Despite the many similarities of this film to the first one, which often leads them both to be seen as unmemorable, Stuckmann believes The Chamber of Secrets did a great job in further peaking the audience interest in Harry’s story line when he learns more about his ability to speak parseltongue.

It sets up more compelling things to make us more curious about this character. Just why are these things happening to him? What is the Chamber of Secrets? And that’s one thing I like more about this movie than the first one; there’s more of a mystery element to it.

A big aspect of the film all the YouTubers continue to rave about is the casting of the characters.

The kids really came into their own in this movie. Because in the first film there was some acting that wasn’t the best. But here they really improved.

Movie Flame praises the main cast and especially Rupert Grint at his ability to portray some amazing physical acting. He is so expressive with his face that it comes off as sometimes comedic and says so much without a word of dialogue. Storm Akima and her family also notice and are delighted by Ron’s character growth and even compare him to another beloved fictional character of Shaggy from Scooby Doo. According to Stuckmann, the actors have such great chemistry and he appreciates the interplay between the characters and being able to see them grow and mature. YouTuber Rico definitely revels in how the film further explores the rivalry between Draco and Harry, in which he claims, “I would love to just be there and witness the tension.”

Overall, the YouTubers feel Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is an entertaining, fun, family, fantasy film to watch.

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