Grace Randolph Reviews Unhinged

Russell Crowe’s latest project, Unhinged, directed by Derrick Borte, follows an unstable man through a series of questionable acts one after another. The film is set to release in US theaters on August 21. Is the thriller a direct commentary on today’s outspoken society? YouTuber Grace Randolph from her channel Beyond The Trailer, reviews the first half of the film.

I don’t think the movie does enough to make it clear from the filmmakers perspective that Russell Crowe is not only insane, but he’s in the wrong. At the very least this movie should have made it more clear that he was in the wrong. But I think the film wants to have its cake and eat it too. To be edgy and controversial.

Why review only the first 44 minutes of the film? The YouTuber was only able to get through the first half of the film before having to turn off the movie and leave. She makes it very clear in her reaction to the film, that it is way too violent and although the opening sequence does accurately portray a society in which everyone seems angry and out of control, it quickly turns very dark. The film seems to blur the lines between what is considered acceptable violence in real life situations leaving Randolph to claim it is socially irresponsible for the film director to suggest that they support the characters irrational behavior.

The YouTuber notices the film does not give the audience any backstory to understand Tom Cooper’s, played by Russell Crowe, motivations or intentions; therefore, creating no context to his actions.

Russell Crowe’s character, despite what he says in the movie, is not having just one bad day. He is making a series of bad choices … he’s chosen to hurt people and not just people he knows but people he doesn’t even know. And no matter how bad your day is, it is totally unwarranted to dish out this level of violence.

Another gripe of the film comes from the fact that there wasn’t a well-known female lead opposite Russell Crowe. Randolph argues that despite having an Oscar winning lead on a film, that was sure to elevate them to movie acting status, not one big name actress felt the role was worth playing,

The fact that they couldn’t get any actress of note to star opposite Russell Crowe. I think that really shows you the taste level of this movie.

Not only was casting the female character an issue for Randolph, but the character itself is very problematic. The YouTuber makes a critique of the script and storyline describing the character as just down right annoying. A good actress is supposed to be able to bring some sort of likability to any character, but actress Caren Pistorius who plays Rachel Hunter, isn’t able to pull it off according to Randolph:

This character (Caren) does things that are just too stupid. Even her poor son pleads with her throughout the first half of the movie to not make such stupid mistakes. I felt real bad for him.

At the end of the 44 minutes, the film leaves the YouTuber questioning: Russell Crowe, why did you take on this role besides the paycheck?

YouTuber Grace Randolph rates and reviews movies on her channel Beyond the Trailer weekly.