Girly Gore Reviews The Dark And The Wicked

Premiering at the 2020 Fantasia Film Festival, The Dark and The Wicked (2020), was written and directed by Bryan Bertino. The horror film stars Marin Ireland as Louise, who returns home to her family farm after the news of her fathers’ illness and notices a darkness that is slowly taking over the home and her family. YouTuber Felicia from the channel Girly Gore shares her review on this dark tale.

“It is disturbing, unsettling … the horror imagery that they bring up in this movie is just freakin’ scary.

It is definitely a terrifying horror movie, according to Felicia who describes the film as bleak, dark and full of intensity. The YouTuber is pleasantly surprised by actress Marin Ireland in her performance in portraying a strong headed woman yet at the same time a woman who evil easily preys upon.

She seemed so truthful in this world, and she plays this very tough character … she feels tough and is yet so fragile and so susceptible to the evil at play.

Despite the excellent usage of horror aspects and great character performances, the YouTuber feels the film is lacking in its development of the plot. What is the message or main idea of this film other than to be a horror film?

The characters in this movie, I don’t know what they are striving for. I don’t know what they want. I don’t know what is supposed to come of these people that have now been derailed.

YouTuber Felicia from the channel Girly Gore reviews and rates movies and TV shows in the horror genre on her channel regularly.