YouTuber’s First Reaction to Watching Thor

For Asgard! In the Marvel superhero film Thor (2011), Thor, son of Odin, King of the Norse gods, is set to take the throne as king when a series of events leaves him stripped of his powers and betrayed by his brother Loki. Directed by Kenneth Branagh, the film stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Idris Elba as Heimdall, Natalie Portman, Stellan Skarsgard and Ray Stevenson just to name a few. YouTuber Geeked Out Nation watches the Marvel movie for the first time sharing his reactions to the god of thunder.

Yo! Oh he’s about to get smacked up!

The action starts from the very beginning and the YouTuber is impressed by the film's ability to get him interested in the story right away saying the movie is “starting out with a bang.” Because he is already invested in the characters, the YouTuber feels worried for Thor, Loki and the other warriors when they are in battle with a gigantic creature, and keeps telling them out loud to “get out of there now!”

One question the YouTuber poses at the beginning of the film: Is Thor the strongest Avenger? After his introduction, Geeked Out Nation is impressed by the size and mass of Thor’s build, “dude Hemsworth is jacked!”

What do you mean wait? We are hurt. We are out of here. We’re not waiting for Thor to see if he’s worthy enough. Heck no man.

In the scene where Jane (Natalie Portman) implores the rest of the team to wait and help Thor when he is facing the Destroyer sent by Loki to kill him, the YouTuber is disappointed and disagrees with Jane thinking they should all leave and seek shelter because getting obliviated and killed by the indestructible automaton. Ultimately the YouTuber is not a fan of the “love story” plot point in this film. He feels the film could have done just fine without it and at points might have hindered the enjoyment of the film.

I understand that she was a key reason why he became worthy in a sense because she helped sort of open his eyes to a different thought process … in the beginning of the film Thor is very arrogant, very cocky … towards the end of the film we obviously see that he’s changed, he’s no longer that way.

He does note the love interest plot point is used to further the main message of Thor’s development and character arc, but it isn’t his favorite parts of the film.

In one other negative nitpick about Thor, the YouTuber feels the introduction to another MCU Avenger, Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), is poorly executed.

I think the one downfall if there is a downfall to this whole movie itself, it would be the fact that they pretty much wasted Hawkeye’s debut.

He compares the films introduction to Hawkeye to how Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) was introduced into the MCU in Iron Man 2 (2010), where she was allotted more screen time and a bit of character development. The YouTuber feels Hawkeye is out of place in the film, is almost a useless character because it’s as if he is just thrown in for no rhyme or reason and deserves a better introduction into the MCU.

What they did in Iron Man 2 with introducing Black Widow, is that they gave her a lot of screen time. They gave her a lot of stuff to do … there’s more to it. I feel like it was kind of a waste to have him just come in pretend … threatened to fire an arrow at Thor, but then not even do that.

One aspect of the film, the YouTuber really enjoys is the relationship/competition between Thor and Loki for the approval and affections of their father Odin. When it is revealed that Loki isn’t really a true son of Odin and was actually adopted by Odin after the war ended, the YouTuber is in shock and begins to understand where all the built-up anger and resentment from Loki is coming from: “that was a cool twist. I didn’t see that coming.” Technically, Loki’s betrayal to Thor and Asgard is brought on by Odin’s constant comparison of Thor and himself and eventually always siding with Thor to become the true king and take the throne, according to Geeked Out Nation.

Loki has great reasoning behind why he’s going after the throne. Why he’s going after Thor. So in a sense Odin created Loki, the way we know Loki to be. Obviously taking him from the battle, you know raising him as his own, but then never really giving him the chance to reign as king. Obviously him not being suited for it, but giving him that false hope, that was crappy on his behalf.

Only recently diving into the MCU movie world, Geeked Out Nation really enjoys the film. He describes it as a fun introduction to Thor and his world and finds the first half of the movie very easy and fun to watch and follow along with. Cool action scenes and great CGI throughout, says the YouTuber who is now interested to see more of the Thor films as well as other MCU superhero films.

I liked that movie a lot … I think that film holds up. I think it was a very good film.

YouTuber Geeked Out Nation, rates and reviews movies and TV shows on his channel weekly.