Every Breath You Take makes No Sense

In Every Breath You Take (2021), the life of a psychiatrist gets turned upside down, taking a dark turn when he is confronted by the brother of his patient who took her own life. Directed by Vaugh Stein, the film stars Casey Affleck, Michelle Monoghan, Sam Claflin and India Eisley. YouTubers Nick and Joseph from the channel Fish Jelly Reviews, share their thoughts on the suspense thriller now available for streaming on Apple TV.

And now this movie from this man and Casey Affleck combined is like super rich white people shit because so much of this story makes no sense … the suspension of disbelief we might as well be on Mars … I feel very poor because I guess I just don’t understand how these things work.

Both YouTubers feel the film plot is so unbelievable and the characters and their actions are so unrelatable, they can only attribute to not understanding the movie because they see it as a story about highly privileged people.

One example is when the brother of the late patient shows up at the home of the psychiatrist and the family happily welcomes him in for dinner. Isn’t there some sort of work/family boundary that should not be crossed? The characters make such outlandish decisions that an everyday normal person would not do, therefore making the film seem quite illogical, according to the YouTubers.

They also note the title of the film as strange as it has nothing to do with the plot or theme of the film: “I don’t even understand what the title relates to in this story.”

For a film that claims to be a suspense thriller, it was neither suspenseful nor thrilling, says the YouTubers who find nothing remotely exciting about the film and both rate it a 1.5/5 stars.

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