Fish Jelly Film Reviews Telsa

Tesla (2020) tells the story of inventor Nikola Tesla and his journey to bring a revolutionary electrical wireless system into the future. Directed by Michael Almereyda and cinematography by Sean Price Williams, the film stars Ethan Hawke as Nikola Tesla, Eve Hewson, Kyle MacLachlan, Ian Lithgow, Jim Gaffigan and Donnie Keshawarz. YouTuber Nick from the channel Fish Jelly Film Reviews, shares his thoughts on the film now streaming on Hulu.

“I love how it was shot … the interesting textures captured by Sean Price Williams … the score from John Paesano I thought was fitting. The style also reminded me a little bit of Terence Davies, A Quiet Passion … I was overall quite pleasantly surprised considering these are not subject matters or figures that I’m entirely interested in seeing represented on film.

The Youtuber is quite surprised by how well the film captures his attention, especially considering the subject matter is not one to normally peak his interests. An element he notes as part of the engagement is the interesting tangents the film goes off on when dabbling a bit into the stories of other prominent historical figures such as JP Morgan, Thomas Edison, and George Westinghouse. It is fascinating to see how despite Tesla being the original idea behind what we now consider modern energy technology, his name and story isn’t as well known as names such as Edison and Westinghouse, according to Nick.

The YouTuber compares this film to another one of Almereyda’s biopic films called Experimenter (2015), but with more of a “stylistic” flare.

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