Film Threat Reviews Critical Thinking

Based on the story of the 1998 Miami Jackson High School Chess Team, Critical Thinking (2020) chronicles the lives of high school teacher Mario Martinez aka Mr. T and his chess playing students on their journey to winning the national championship. The film stars John Leguizamo as Mr. T, who also directed the drama, which was inspired by true events. YouTubers Alan Ng and Zorianna Kit from the channel Film Threat, share their opinions on the indie film.

Anybody can play chess. It doesn’t matter what economic background, or the skin color nor your gender. It’s all about critical thinking, strategizing, thinking ahead and that is, in a way, a tool to get out of your current situation.

Both YouTubers are moved by the inspiring story and feel the film does a great job in conveying the message of using your “critical thinking” skills to move yourself forward in difficult situations. The message of inequality is also on full display in this film, according to Kit. The game of chess is supposed to be the great equalizer in which the only tool you need to have is your mind; however, in the film, we see the great lengths and obstacles each of the students have to overcome just to be able to use their minds and make their way to the tournament.

It really shines a light that it’s not all equal in terms of how we get to our destination because some people are more advantageous due to their skin color and their zip code.

In our current climate, the YouTubers feel this feel good and inspirational film fits in perfectly with the messages and themes social justice advocates are trying to teach to others.

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