Together Together hits all the beats of a Romantic Comedy

When a young woman becomes a surrogate for a middle-aged man who wants a child, an unlikely relationship blossoms, in the film Together Together (2021). Directed by Nikole Beckwith, the film stars Patti Harrison. Ed Helms, Tig Notaro, Anna Konkle, Evan Jonigkeit and Sufe Bradshaw. YouTubers Alan Ng and Zorianna Kit from the channel Film Threat, share their reviews on the romantic comedy that made its first appearance at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival.

It was very impressive to me in the sense of it’s telling a story that you know is so common to everybody, yet has never been told in movies before. This is a love story. A platonic love story and it has all the beats of a love story in it. And it’s just something different and something new and it’s so well produced, well written, well directed.

YouTuber Alan is very impressed with the film in that it was able to hit all the right beats of a traditional romantic comedy, and yet still tell a story about platonic love. It’s a theme that is not very often explored in film, taking all the elements of platonic love and examining it in such a unique way, says the YouTuber.

It’s just so pure. It’s the purity here … there is something so joyous about this movie in the fact that life is messy, life is complicated … we all have issues and triggers and things that happen to us in childhood that led us to the way we are today.

YouTuber Zorianna agrees and really enjoys the way the film uses daily life issues to enhance the comedic tones of the film. The comedic moments come from everyday life problems making it real and relatable, says the YouTuber.

YouTubers Alan and Zorianna from the channel Film Threat, rate and review new movies and TV shows on their channel weekly.