Film Threat Reviews The Stand In

In The Stand In (2020), actress Candy Black hires her stand in to take her place in doing community service for tax evasion and gets more than she expected. Directed by Jamie Babbit, the film stars Drew Barrymore as Candy Black and the stand in, Ellie Kemper, T.J. Miller, Lena Dunham, Holland Taylor, and Andrew Rannells. YouTubers Alan Ng and Zorianna Kit from the channel Film Threat, share their thoughts on the twin identity movie.

The film could have just really rifted and really made a bigger commentary on not just the entertainment industry and how callous and careless and easily swayed it is, but also on fan culture of when the cancel culture decides to hit and when you get invited back in.

The YouTubers have differing opinions on the film. Zorianna feels the film has great potential to go deeper and darker with the themes of Hollywood culture. It leaves her a bit disappointed because she expects more from Drew Barrymore and the unique cast. Alan on the other hand, despite agreeing with some of the points from Zorianna finds the film quite entertaining and feels the darker moments of the film were just the right amount for him.

It's not a traditional take on the “twin identity” plot theme and definitely gives a different perspective and fun twist on the movie concept, says Alan.

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