Half Brothers is a Buddy Comedy with an Original Twist

In Half Brothers (2020) directed by Luke Greenfield, Renato and his half-brother Asher are forced to set off on a road trip together organized by their ailing father to reconnect and retrace the path he took from Mexico to America. The film stars Luis Gerardo Mendez, Connor Del Rio, Juan Pablo Espinosa and Pia Watson. YouTubers Alan Ng and Zorianna Kit from the channel Film Threat, share their thoughts on the road trip comedy film.

We’ve seen this before. The cultural swap was just one of the aspects that made it refreshing. It was actually funny and then you have this story of these two half-brothers who don’t know each other and are very different from each other, that’s been done before. But the way in which the story brings them together is also very intriguing.

Despite it being a very familiar trope of the buddy comedy/road trip comedy, the YouTubers are quite impressed by how much they enjoy the film and the fresh new spin on the comedy genre. YouTuber Kit is surprised by how the film is able to incorporate current issues such as the Mexico and U.S. border relationship, immigration and stereotyping on both a serious note as well as in comedic tones.

There is a lot of silliness that eventually pays off in the end, according to Ng who praises both the main actors for their comedic chops and portraying very well-developed characters.

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