Eric React Watches Endgame for the First Time

When the highly anticipated Avengers: Endgame (2019) was released, it was the final piece of the puzzle for many MCU fans. Directed by the Russo brothers, this film was the final chapter for many of our beloved superheroes. YouTuber Eric from his channel Eric Reacts and his friend Ricardo, who has already seen Endgame, watch the film for the first time. He is excited, anxious and ready to dive into the conclusion. Eric has many jaw dropping moments and even looks of excitement and elation throughout the entire film as he watches The Avengers save the universe.

I assumed either Tony or Captain would die. I thought Natasha would make it because I didn’t know it was a prequel that was coming up.

From the beginning, Eric has an inkling that either one of these characters would have to leave the MCU so he is almost somewhat prepared for it, as opposed to when Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) sacrifices herself. He mentions the upcoming Black Widow movie as a reason why it would be impossible for her to die, but then later realizes that the movie about Black Widow is actually a prequel to the Avengers storyline.

She doesn’t have any attachments … she wanted Hawkeye to be with his family more than for her to go back to them.

In the end Eric feels it makes more sense that Black Widow is sacrificed as he feels Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) has much more to lose and more attachments to the world with his wife and kids. Though Eric and Ricardo do think it could have easily been a coin toss as to who would have to leave, in the end, they agree the film made a good choice.

During the last battle scene, the moment when everyone is coming together and arriving through the time loop portals, creating an epic and cinematic visual, Eric is in awe and immediately begins to root for the Avengers. It is especially heartwarming when he finally sees Captain America (Chris Evans) being able to call Thor’s hammer, in which he exclaims “YES!” and cheers on the superhero.

Eric and Ricardo also discuss Captain Marvel’s (Brie Larson) role in this film. They notice she doesn’t play as huge of a role as they were expecting, but agree that because she is known to be so powerful, it would have been too easy to use that character to help solve all the problems. She is so powerful, that when Thanos (Josh Brolin) tries to headbutt her away from taking the gauntlet off his hands, she doesn’t even flinch and the YouTubers both react with a “WHOA!”

So I don’t know what they’re going to do in future Avengers films. Like as much as I like her as a character it might have felt a little cheap to have her be the one to solve everything especially since this is the final film for a lot of these actors and we’ve lost essentially half of them at least.

One aspect of the film both the YouTubers love is the different references to previous Avengers films as well as other films from the MCU. Ricardo goes on to explain that the film does a great job in making references for the die hard MCU fans who have seen all the films from the beginning as well as making references for the newer fans who probably have only seen a handful of the Avengers and MCU films:

I definitely, like all the references to not only previous movies but like hey here’s a ton of stuff here for you fans, for example Professor Hulk … Cap picking up the hammer of course and being like of course he would pick it up … stuff that was like, this is for you, who’ve kept up with all 22 movies, good job. And now this is for everybody else, there’s no reason why you would know that but here you go too.

Eric chimes in agreement saying the film has a call back and reference to almost every other movie in the MCU and feels the film definitely paid off to all the plot themes that were built up.

One aspect the YouTubers seem to slightly disagree on is the pacing of the film. A “three hour heist film” says Ricardo who did feel at times the movie just seemed to drag, making it very apparent it was a very long film. Eric, on the other hand, does not feel the same and thinks the massive amount of information to tie up all the loose ends of different plot themes needed the time and is paced out nicely.

I think Scott Lang was the highlight comedically for this film … instead of pushing him through time, having time push through him: ‘Someone peed my pants!’ It’s so good.

Of course, you can’t have an Avengers superhero film without a bit of comedy! Eric finds most of the scenes with Ant Man (Paul Rudd) hilarious: from the tacos falling to the floor to the experimentation with time travel and when he shrinks himself to try and retrieve one of the tesseracts. Paul Rudd is a gem, he’s hilarious, says Eric.

A super fun, incredibly emotional and worthwhile film to watch says Eric, who rates it a 10/10!

YouTuber Eric from Eric Reacts, reviews and reacts to movies and TV shows on his channel regularly.