EJ Moreno Reviews Unhinged

Coming to theaters this Friday, Unhinged, starring Russell Crowe, follows the story of a man on his last leg. The thriller/mystery flick directed by Derrick Borte, centers around a parallel of the dark depths of society’s current climate. YouTuber EJ Moreno shares his unfiltered thoughts about the new release.

When I say this movie is banana coo-coo pants … I am just completely blown away by how wild this movie is. But also that the movie is pretty damn good and very entertaining.

Though the movie was filled with blood, was wacky and had a weird road rage plot, Moreno is somewhat impressed with how entertaining it is and even compares it to the 80’s and 90’s exploitation revenge movies that were so common in those decades. In Moreno’s words, Crowe was “going crazy and doing the absolute most for an hour and a half.”

This movie just really threw me for a loop in the best way.

For the YouTuber, Russell Crowe’s performance makes the film. He feels the actor’s ability to embody a disheveled and disturbed man mentally and physically really kept him engaged. However, Moreno does question whether or not Russell Crowe’s character is more of an exaggeration, an extension of a deranged man and is almost caricature-like. Road rage is real, but does it lead to the extremes that this character portrays?

He’s not a realistic character. I don’t know anyone who would road rage this bad, but also this isn’t too far out of the realm of possibilities; people being this aggressive, this wild, this crazy, and the stuff that he does in this movie is mind blowing.

Similar to other critiques of the film, the YouTuber makes note of the simplicity of the script and how at times there was too much of the “spell it out” or “put it plainly” type of explanations scattered throughout. It is basic without a complicated story and not too many groundbreaking plot twists according to Moreno.

Moreno does mention that all the main characters, despite being so simply scripted, have interactions and dynamics between them that are believable to the plot.

Overall, Moreno feels this film is worth the watch and is a great representation of Russell Crowe doing what he loves and having fun with it.

From what he does at the beginning to where he ends up…the final act gets to be so over the top and so fun. This is truly Russell Crowe’s movie.

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