Does Power Rangers 2017 Live Up To The 90s Classic?

It’s morphin’ time, dragonzord, mastodon, pterodactyl, triceratops, saber-toothed tiger, tyrannosaurus! Let’s take a minute to reminisce over that 90’s slogan. Go Go Power Rangers! In the 2017 reboot of the Power Rangers starring actors like Naomi Scott, who plays Kimberly and Dacre Montgomery, who plays Jason, the film set to revive the enthusiasm for the iconic 90’s TV classic. How does it sit with original audiences who experienced the TV show? How does it sit with the new gen Z audience? YouTubers Sean Chandler Talks About, Black Nerd Comedy, Adorkable Rachel, Alachia Queen and Massey’s Movie Madness review and react to the modern-day reboot.

The majority of this movie is really much more like the Breakfast Club with super powers than it is like the old Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers TV show.

Growing up, being somewhat impartial about the original TV show, YouTuber Sean Chandler Talks About feels the majority of the film centers around the character development rather than the typical action of the Power Rangers, which the TV show is more known for. He notes the best parts of the film are because of the casting and the great chemistry the characters have with each other leading them to portray a believable high school group of friends.

Billy … the character is actually on the autism spectrum and it's handled so well and he’s so likable and the actor just does a great job of developing this character through the performance.

YouTuber Black Nerd Comedy goes on to compliment fairly new actor RJ Cyler, who plays Billy, in his ability to convey such a complex character. He feels the film accurately depicts all the characters as real and genuine teenagers, with real life problems very current to situations happening in today’s society.

RJ Cyler, he is the heart of this movie. There is something about his character and the way they present him in this movie that’s just so good and he as an actor just brings it … he speaks not only for himself as a Power Ranger in this movie, but also for probably some of the fandom.

The diverse casting also makes a big impression on YouTuber Adorkable Rachel who praises the films ability to really showcase a realistic representation of modern day “American” teenagers: RJ Cyler, who plays Billy, a black and autistic kid; Ludi Lin, who plays Zack, an Asian-American kid; and Becky G, who plays Trini, a closet lesbian. She notes that this was also true to the original TV show series:

I have to give mad props to a superhero movie that has a main character that’s autistic, another main character that’s somewhat open about having an attraction to women and another main character that’s Asian.

On the contrary, YouTuber Massey’s Movie Madness, who grew up enjoying the 90’s TV series, felt these modern-day characters set a dark tone that was not true to the original Power Rangers theme. He argued the characters were a depressing bunch of problematic kids whom in real life, he would not have wanted to be around or hang out with,

Power Rangers was exciting. It was brightly colored. It was fast paced and it was uplifting. It was positive. It made me feel good … this movie falls into the category of the modern-day cliché, the modern-day dark tone.

One big aspect of the film that some of the YouTubers notice is the blatant and obvious product placement of a certain brand: Krispy Kreme. It isn't necessarily a pro or con of the film, but the YouTubers agree that it is very strange and something they all notice and are confused by. Is it meant to be a joke or is it meant to be ironic?

It was just not subtle at all … all I can say is they are literally name dropping this one particular product in the movie and they use it as a kind of like a plot point and I just could not believe that they had sunk this low.

Alachia Queen and Black Nerd Comedy humorously comment on this element praising the creativity in the way the film is able to insert the product placement so effectively,

It was very effective in that, it’s probably one of the first very effective product placements I’ve seen in a movie that really fit in with the campiness of the movie.

In a group consensus, the biggest pitfall of the film comes towards the end where all of the action takes place. The YouTubers feel for a Power Rangers movie about fighting bad guys and evil villains, there is very little of that taking place. And when there is action, it is very lackluster and doesn't seem as grand or epic as they expect it to be for a superhero film.

The second act is missing a little bit of that Power Ranger-ness because all we get is some training sequences. We get some more dialogue between the characters and we get some moments that I think are very important, but I just think it needed an action sequence with the Power Rangers as Power Rangers.

To add to his disappointment in the film, Massey’s Movie Madness also feels the lack of action and enthusiasm the characters portrays in actually becomes these newly appointed superheroes do a huge disservice to the original franchise:

Why not have some cool fights? The fights were bad, they were actually bad. There’s no excuse for that. You can’t have a Power Rangers movie that cost 100 million dollars with worse fights than every episode of Power Rangers that they ever made in the original series.

Sean Chandler Talks About feels the beginning of the film does a great job in story building and character development, but when it transitions into the action scenes the film quickly loses its momentum in pacing becoming choppy and doesn't flow together as smoothly. The film seems to go into a completely new direction that is stylistically inconsistent with the previous tone in the beginning:

That’s very strange to go into a Power Rangers movie and be like the Power Rangers acts are not so good … but the Breakfast Club moments, those were great…that’s a weird reaction to the movie.

YouTuber Alachia Queen, who also did not grow up watching the Power Rangers but is familiar with the series, feels the film was too simple. She feels it followed a simple and typical movie formula that is definitely a kids movie: it is not very complex, it is not very well written and it has a very generic theme of teamwork.

This is a basic teamwork kind of movie, where once the team forms, once they can figure out how to be a team together, they can harness this power.

Although she does give props to the film for creating a cast of characters with a believable relationship, in the end there isn't a very interesting plot line that stood out, “it was too simple, it was too basic, it was really cheesy.”

YouTubers Sean Chandler Talks About, Black Nerd Comedy, Adorkable Rachel, Alachia Queen and Massey’s Movie Madness share reviews and rate movies on their channels weekly.