Dan Murrell says Nobody gives off John Wick vibes

In Nobody (2021), Hutch Mansell finds himself on a journey of revenge, payback and to save his family when thieves break into his average suburban home. Directed by Ilya Naishuller, the film stars Bob Odenkirk, Connie Nielson, Gage Munroe, Christopher Llyod and RZA. YouTuber Dan Murrell shares his thoughts on the latest action flick now playing in select theaters.

Bob Odenkirk action star is not something I think that I would ever have thought would be a phrase that enters my vocabulary … Bob Odenkirk really takes this role on with great gusto and you could tell he did the work. He did the training. So from both the performance and physicality angle Bob Odenkirk really went the extra mile.

Thoroughly impressed by the performance from Bob Odenkirk, the YouTuber is pleasantly surprised by how much he enjoys the film and cites the actor’s dedication to his physical performance in this “John Wick-like” action story.

When you look at the setup of this movie, you got unconventional action star and Bob Odenkirk, you got retired every man with a hidden skill set, you’ve got a quest for revenge, you’ve got Russian mobsters. If this sounds a little bit like John Wick, it’s because it’s a lot like John Wick. This is basically John Wick plus Bob Odenkirk.

Though the story isn’t anything particularly new or something that hasn’t been done before, the YouTuber says the unique performances from the cast and the sheer entertainment of it all makes for a fun movie to watch. The character and his journey are compelling enough for you to root for him, according to Murrell, who definitely recommends this film.

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