Wonder Woman 1984 Impresses YouTuber Sean O'Connell

In Wonder Woman 1984 (2020), Diana Prince has adapted to the world of man and lives a quiet life until she faces off against villains Maxwell Lord and the Cheetah: testing her strength, courage and wisdom to be the light in the tunnel of darkness and evil. Written and directed by Patty Jenkins, the film stars Gal Gadot as Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal. YouTuber and managing editor at CinemaBlend, Sean O’Connell, shares his thoughts on the latest Wonder Woman film set to release in theaters and on HBO Max streaming on Christmas day.

As compelling as Diana continues to be as a character, I left this movie raving about Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig and the versions of Maxwell Lord and Cheetah that they pull off in this film. They are given really substantial character arcs that tie in very closely to a lot of the struggles that Diana is going through in this movie.

Without a doubt this is the Wonder Woman movie that fans have been waiting for, says the YouTuber. It mirrors the same Wonder Woman established by Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins in the first film compared to the Wonder Woman in the latest Justice League (2017) movie. However, all good superhero films also need great villains, and this film does it, according to O’Connell. He praises the performance of Wiig and Pascal and even claims at certain parts of the film, the villain’s walked away with the “more meaty” storyline.

The YouTuber has a great time watching the film. He does wish there is more of Wonder Woman in the film as opposed to Diana Prince, but says the character development of Diana and the villains still create a powerful and compelling story. One that is worth watching in the theaters says the YouTuber who rates the film a 4/5.

YouTuber and managing editor at CinemaBlend, Sean O’Connell, rates and reviews new movies and TV shows on the channel regularly.