Chris Stuckmann Reviews Unhinged

In the latest thriller/mystery movie Unhinged, starring Russell Crowe, it follows the story of the consequences of road rage. Or in the words of YouTuber Chris Stuckmann, “this is road rage times 100.” The original release of the film was pushed back because of the pandemic but is set to release in theaters on Friday. The YouTuber shares his thoughts on the Oscar winning actor's latest film.

This movie is better than I thought it was going to be. It’s by no means a great film and there’s a lot of issues towards the last half of the movie. Logic issues and some very cheesy 90’s one liners that had me laughing, but the film was never boring, it always kept my interest.

Overall Stuckmann finds the film to be much more enjoyable that he initially expected and credits some of that to Russell Crowe’s acting and portrayal of Tom Cooper. Despite some parts of the film where he feels the characters should be doing things differently, he notes the actor’s ability to depict a man on his last leg of sanity as very believable and in turn making for a compelling villain to the plot.

“It has a really fun performance from Russell Crowe, it has a campy vibe that honestly I was sort of refreshed to see. So many films nowadays are so so serious…but this movie just wants to have fun for 90 minutes and I admired that.

An element of the film that Stuckmann notes could have been better executed is the character of Rachel Hunter, played by Caren Pistorius. The character is shown as always behind in life: she’s always late to appointments and is fired from her job in the beginning of the film. The YouTuber feels the script doesn’t give the character enough to grow and become a well-rounded person.

She isn’t really given that many opportunities to right those wrongs. It’s sort of like character baggage meant to make her a person but they don’t really come into play throughout the movie that much.

Other than the opening credit scene showing how road rage can be a dangerous real life situation, which the YouTuber feels is unnecessary and sarcastically jokes: “like we didn’t already know that?”, Stuckmann believes Unhinged is an entertaining story and “was a refreshingly mind-numbing experience” rating the film at a B-.

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