Chris Stuckmann Reviews Mulan 2020

After a long-awaited hiatus, Disney’s live action Mulan was released on Disney+ for fans around the world. The film, directed by Niki Caro, stars Yifei Liu as Mulan and veteran actors Gong Li, Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Jason Scott Lee and Tzi Ma. YouTuber Chris Stuckmann reviews Disney’s latest live action remake.

I was very much looking forward to seeing this movie. The original animation is one of my favorite Disney movies of the 90's. But this movie is inferior to that film in virtually every way.

With high hopes and expectations for Mulan, the YouTuber is left feeling underwhelmed and feels the film fails to really capture the emotion of the original animated story. Stuckmann goes on to describe the performance of actress Yifei Lu as “blank and sort of wooden” throughout most of the scenes. The lack of dramatic expression and emotion doesn’t do justice to some of the more important aspects of the film that needed that grand and epic sensation, says the YouTuber.

One of the biggest problems with this film is that it seems to omit certain things that are integral to the story … and it relies on our knowledge of the 1998 animation to fill in those gaps.

For a film that is meant to be a retelling of the story of Mulan, compared to the animated version, it left out important scenes that really give the audience the emotional weight and impact of the actions from the characters, says Stuckmann.

This is a very committee safe movie. Everything feels very approved. The messages the movie is going for, while at times very admirable, feel glossed over and insignificant.

For the YouTuber, the film was filled with missed opportunities to dive deeper into Mulan’s story making the main message feel “watered down.”

Stuckmann rates Disney’s live action Mulan a C-. Chris Stuckmann regularly reviews the latest movie and TV releases on his channel weekly.