YouTubers Opposing Views on Captain Marvel

After the announcement of Captain Marvel (2019), Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans eagerly awaited the arrival of probably the most powerful superhero; a Kree warrior caught in the battle between her people and the Skrull people. Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the movie stars Brie Larson as Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law, Ben Mendelsohn, Gemma Chan and Lashana Lynch just to name a few. Is this film Marvel’s answer to DC’s Wonder Woman? YouTubers Jeremy Jahns, Alachia Queen and SuperCarlinBrothers share their thoughts and opposing views of the female-lead superhero film.

The movie for me, it felt flat … the point is we’ve seen it a lot. You have to give us something to connect with and really this movie is one of those amnesia, self-discovery movies, or it’s a buddy cop movie, or it’s a fish out of water movie.

Disappointed by the film, YouTuber Jahns finds the film throws in too many different types of plot themes that other movies he’s seen do better at development. It’s a typical self discovery movie when the film gives more of the back story about Carol and how she becomes Captain Marvel, yet fails to do it in a different or interesting way that we have not seen before, according to Jahns.

He does agree the film is a huge nod to the message of little girls can do anything as long as they set their minds to it, but says the film reiterates that plot theme too obviously. Like nailing the head on the hammer. The message of “girl power.”

That’s what the movie is. The movie is made for little girls to be like oh I want to be like captain marvel. And the winks and nods. The movie relies really heavily on winks and nods.

On the other side of the spectrum, the SuperCarlinBrothers feel the film is actually very subtle in its presentation of this message and that it not only relates to little girls but, the brothers can actually picture themselves in young Carol’s shoes as well. A person who gets up and tries again no matter how many times they are put down and fall down. The message of determination and perseverance can relate to everyone across the board.

Another overarching theme throughout this was the girl power of it. It totally is, but I will say I really liked that it wasn’t very heavy handed. It wasn’t the point of the movie but it was present.

In terms of Captain Marvel, the brothers find her character to be quite charming and relatable. She is this badass girl, who gets things done when she needs to but never takes anything too seriously, according to the SuperCarlinBrothers.

The way that they did her charisma I thought was so so great, like she wasn’t so goofy and light hearted that she verged on being Star Lord or something. She’s still a very admirable character at the end of the day but it also seemed like throughout the entirety of the movie most of the time she was never taking anything too seriously.

With a completely different opinion, YouTuber Alachia Queen finds it very difficult to relate to Captain Marvel because she isn’t completely fleshed out as a character and the film fails to show her character arc and progression into that badass superhero.

This idea and this message about a girl standing up, not needing a man’s approval and just being a bad ass because she believes in being a badass, but then they don’t do the most important fucking thing you need to do when you want to showcase a female being awesome. And that’s that female doing an awesome fucking thing.

The film relies heavily on information eluded about Captain Marvel and how she is this powerful Kree warrior that can save the entire universe but it's never really shown, according to Jahns. We hear about her powers and how great she is through movie marketing and different backstories about the character through other sources other than the actual film.

This movie relies on what we’ve been told by people and we’ve been told outside the movie that Captain Marvel is the most powerful MCU hero ever. But the movie never shows us anything to validate that.

A massive disappointment, according to Alachia Queen who says the film doesn’t show that progression of Carol becoming Captain Marvel and she is just portrayed as this perfectly perfect unstoppable superhero. The movie makes us assume she is just a badass from the beginning making her seem very unrelatable to the audience.

The problem is, that when you’re back tracking like that you still need to see character growth. You still need to see Carol Danvers growing within the film. But what ultimately ended up happening was she was already a full-fledged character. You don’t ever have to see her grow. She’s just already this perfectly packaged character with nothing to learn.

Ultimately, Captain Marvel is a bit disappointing to YouTubers Jeremy Jahns and Alachia Queen who are expecting much more from the character development of Captain Marvel and how she came to be the most powerful superhero in the MCU. The SuperCarlinBrothers find the film very entertaining and do a great job at really tying in all the MCU superhero movies together with subtle hints and nods throughout the film.

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