Can Wall Yellers Save Kaysar From Eviction?

Another day, another wall yeller. That is, fans but more like fanatics, who attempt to yell messages across the wall of the Big Brother house hoping to stir up game play. This week has had a few attempts but only one successful with the message "Nicole and Cody are playing everyone", yelled via a bullhorn and heard by many houseguests. Generally, fans are divided but more tend to be against tainting the game with outside influences. However, with this year being an all-star cast and fan favorites like Janelle and Kaysar coming back, there seems to be a shift in the fandom that wants more game play in what many are considering to be a lackluster Big Brother season. With little drama and each week thus far being majority house votes with no clear sides, YouTubers Matt and Jess usually aren't fans of wall yellers but are giving this one a pass.

I'm really conflicted about this … because I loved what the wall yeller did earlier in the week I'm not gonna lie. I love that we now have Ian (Terry) waking up and talking to Kevin (Campbell) about maybe the core group of everything and I don't know if this would have been possible without this wall yeller.

With Kaysar Ridha on the block this week against Christmas Abbot who was put up as a pawn after Kevin won the Power of Veto, has the wall yeller changed anything for the course of Kaysar? It seems not many people think there is a chance for any game play left for Kaysar other than being used to blow up the game. YouTuber TV Talks with Tom explains the last ditch efforts to make Kaysar useful to the other houseguests.

Ian and Kevin have been finding a way to utilize Kaysar's eviction as a little sort of stepping stone that could help blow up Nicole's game. They're discussing the fact that they could get Kaysar to drop the bomb in the eviction speech…

Aman Adwin joins YouTuber Rob Has a Podcast in criticizing the offers being made to Kaysar with no benefit to him albeit this late after he's been trying to blow up the game since day one.

You're all but telling him he's going to be out the door next and you want him to help you on his way out … he's been doing more than you have for four weeks!

For Kaysar fans out there it seems the end is near for the three time returning houseguest. Perhaps there is one last hope of a Battle Back challenge or some other crazy twist for him to return. As for the reunification of Janelle and Kaysar, those hopes seem all but gone as Janelle seems to be at home with her daughter while getting retweeted by Cardi B. She joins former houseguests, now YouTubers, Jason Guy and Danielle Reyes on their channel The Secret Alliance Podcast and talks about her worries for her BB bestie Kaysar.

I feel horrible for Kaysar. You know the odds are terrible obviously … this (season) we have 14 on 2.