Can Janelle And Kaysar Be Reunited With A Battle Back?

This week in Big Brother 22 All-Stars houseguests Kaysar Ridha and Janelle Pierzina are up on the block and one of them will be evicted tomorrow. Many fans and even current houseguests consider the pair to be Big Brother legends as they first met on Season 6 in 2005 and returned again for Season 7. They've always been inseparable teammates and as a result have been put on the block together four times including now. Needless to say, Big Brother houseguests see the strong friendship between the two as a legitimate threat that needs to be stopped. However, outside of the house they are fan favorites and YouTubers are not happy about seeing them split so soon after just having them together for only three weeks. YouTuber Madrosed is one of the many fans who seem to adore the duo.

So then they were talking about how special their friendship is, they met like fifteen years ago and they didn't really keep up with each other outside the house, but when they're back together it's like they haven't skipped a beat. It's just like it was before and they're really going to work on maintaining their friendship better in the real world this time. Please, please we need more!

YouTuber Matt and Jess not only want Janelle specifically to return, given that she right now doesn't seem to have the votes to stay, but they also know the reality of ratings Janelle brings to the show. Dubbed "the Queen of Big Brother", it's hard not to think that there isn't some twist coming up to save the show from losing its most iconic player.

This is a business and (CBS) is going to do whatever they think is going to make them the most money … I would not put it past them in a million years that they have a secret Battle Back button that they press the moment Janelle is evicted from this game.

Former Big Brother 20 houseguest and now YouTuber, Heleigh Broucher is also a fan of team "Jaysar" and while praising the season and trying to convince her viewers and herself things will be okay if one of them gets evicted, she can't help but show how painful it is to see them go.

It's always fun to root for the underdogs and Janelle and Kaysar are such icons but this is a great cast so in the event that we lose one of them this week (groaning) … it's gonna be fine … I can't even say this without being frustrated.

Tomorrow the eviction happens and barring any major twists, fans will have to live with the outcome of Jaysar being broken up. The most interesting thing to possibly shake up the house is the surviving member to become Head of Household plus a Battle Back which could lead to an epic comeback for the reunification of arguably the most iconic pair in Big Brother history.