Caleb Janssens Reviews Country Comfort

In the Netflix comedy series Country Comfort (2021), aspiring country singer Bailey takes on a job as a nanny for a widowed cowboy and his five children. Created by Caryn Lucas, the series stars Katherine McPhee as Bailey, Eddie Cibrian and Janet Varney to name a few. YouTuber Caleb Janssens shares his thoughts on the sitcom series now streaming on Netflix.

This sounds like a potential to be a really heartwarming series, but in execution, not even a little bit. I feel like I’ve used the term Disney quite a lot now, but I feel like by this point it’s no longer that this series is Disney-fied, it’s that this is just another really boring wannabe sitcom Netflix series that just is full of tropes that I just really do not enjoy.

Unimpressed and disappointed in the show, Youtuber Janssens describes it as “Disney-fied” and full of jokes that just did not hit. He goes on to share that much of the storyline plot points are so larger than life and are situations that would only happen in a fake made up world, therefore leaving him un-invested in the characters and their stories.

If you’re a country fan, you might like this, says the YouTuber, who says even then, there are plenty of other country music driven shows that are worth your time to watch. There was nothing of value or sustenance in this Netflix series, according to Janssens.

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