YouTuber says Wander Darkly is Unpolished Ambitious Movie

After a traumatic accidently, a couple is left to analyze and revisit parts of their shared lives, in the film Wander Darkly (2020).  Written and directed by Tara Miele, the film stars Diego Luna and Sienna Miller as the couple forced to confront the memories of their past and present. YouTuber Jon from the channel Burns Reviews, shares his thoughts on film.

Overall, I thought this movie was ambitious. It had some great ideas. I like the mystery box. I like not knowing: is she dead, is he dead, are they both dead, are they both alive but maybe they’re in this weird limbo … I like the setup. I thought the acting was pretty solid, I like the actors. I just think that the characters that were put on the screen … could have been written a little bit better. I think the script needed a second draft.

The movie feels very unpolished, says the YouTuber. He notes the movie has a similar concept to another film, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), and enjoys the fact that we don’t really know what is happening to the main characters. If they are really dead or if they are in a sort of in-between world having to reflect upon their past memories.

Jon finds the concept to be very interesting and for the most part, the performances are solid; however, he feels the character development isn’t well executed and, in the end, they are not very likable or relatable, according to the YouTuber. They could have been better written, says Jon, who says at times the entire film felt like a theater production full of acting students.

YouTuber Jon from the Burns Reviews, rates and reviews movies and TV shows on his channel regularly.