Breakfast All Day Podcast Reviews The Glorias

The Glorias (2020), directed by Julie Taymor, follows the life and story of female advocate, activist, journalist and feminist icon Gloria Steinem from her childhood all the way up to her role in the women’s liberation movement. The film stars Ryan Kiera Armstrong as a young Gloria, Lulu Wilson as teenage Gloria, Alicia Vikander as a young adult Gloria and Julianna Moore as an older and present-day Gloria. YouTubers Christy Lemire and Alonso Duralde from the channel Breakfast All Day Podcast share their thoughts on the film now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

She’s known for visually inventive, really daring artful flair … she really plays with fantasy reality color … and those are actually the weakest elements here.

Lemire notes the director Julie Taymor is known for her visually abstract storytelling concepts that can either be hit or miss, saying with The Glorias, it is a miss and fails to add more depth to the iconic activist’s life and story. Both YouTubers feel the film crams too much of her life and yet does not touch on enough details of her life to convey the importance of each event.

They try to get in so much of Gloria Steinem’s life … the whole thing with the ‘77 Women’s Conference … Julianne Moore has a line about the ‘77 Women’s Conference like oh it was a catastrophe and then we never find out why, they never tell us why.

For Duralde, the director fails to convey the idea of Gloria’s growth and enlightenment of women’s struggles as she goes around traveling to different parts of the world to learn from other women of color. He feels the film ends up feeling like a stereotypical story of a white women whose eyes are finally open to the obstacles women of color must face.

Yes, people evolve and they learn and they take this stuff and they create these intersectional movements and that’s what the movie is trying to portray … however, the way that Taymor does it, it winds up becoming another thing where a white lady is educated by the trauma of women of color.

In the end the YouTubers rate the film a 6/10.

YouTubers Christy Lemire and Alonso Duralde from the channel Breakfast All Day Podcast review and rate movies on their channel regularly.