Breakfast All Day Podcast Reviews The Donut King

In the documentary The Donut King (2020), the film features the story of Ted Ngoy, a Cambodian refugee who built a multi-million-dollar donut empire. Directed by Alice Gu, the documentary highlights the rise and fall of “The Donut King” and how his story still resonates with many in the community who are familiar with the many mom and pop donut shops scattered around Southern California. YouTubers Christy Lemire, Alonso Duralde and Matt Atchity from the channel Breakfast All Day Podcast, share their thoughts on the film.

This movie is so fascinating on so many different levels, its highs and lows, it’s the American dream both in the fantasy and the reality of it. Ted Ngoy lived large and it all came crashing down. But the awe with which people talk about him is really touching and it’s all earned.

The YouTubers feel the film does an excellent job in retelling the story of the “American Dream” through the eyes of this one man and how in turn, he went on to help so many others establish their lives in the LA and Southern California community.

One of the biggest takeaways from the documentary is seeing how much support can do for an entire community and essentially an entire generation of people in our society, according to the YouTubers. Imagine what this country would be like if everyone coming to America could have that level of support, says Atchity, who is surprised by the success of Ted Ngoy during a time in America, where the country itself was still unstable and filled with unrest.

A very Southern California culture story told through food, says Duralde. The trio rates the film an 8/10.

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