YouTubers have Opposing views on Kid 90

In the documentary Kid 90 (2021), audiences get an insider look into the life of young Hollywood stars growing up in the 1990’s through captured footage from Soleil Moon Frye.  Directed by child actor Soleil Moon Frye, the film features cameos from many of television and movies hottest young stars in the documentary now streaming on Hulu. YouTubers Christy Lemire, Matt Atchity and Alonso Duralde from the channel Breakfast All Day Podcast share their opposing views on this never-before-seen footage of our favorite 90’s stars.

We learn a lot; this movie goes in a bunch of different directions that I hadn’t really expected it to go. You get a lot of her journey as a young woman and artist at least into her mid-20s … I found this fascinating. I think she does a good job putting a lot of this together … it’s a fascinating glimpse at some of what some of these kids were going through.

YouTuber Matt finds the film quite intriguing because of its intimate glimpse inside the world of these young actors during a period in which social media isn’t as prominent as it is today and moments like these were hard to come by. However, fellow hosts Christy and Alonso had a much different opinion, with Christy describing the film as a total “vanity project” that only skims the surface of issues that could have been addressed and acknowledged.

I thought it was a totally vanity project. It was navel gazing and shallow. The nostalgia factor is quite compelling for the first half of it or so … as a little time capsule, I enjoyed it. But then about halfway through when she’s 18, she goes to New York to study acting just to get out of LA … I wish she had the chops to explore in a deeper way. You know the sexualization of teen girls in sitcoms or movies and how fucked up that is and the way that this industry forces you to grow up so fast.

Alonso suggests that maybe if the actor had worked with an experienced documentarian, it would have given the actor/director a better stepping stone to use the nostalgic footage in a way to tell a more compelling story about a generation, which seems to be the ultimate intention, rather than a self-reflected expose of herself and her life.

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