Fake Famous is an eye-opening documentary on Social Media Fame

In the documentary Fake Famous (2021), three average people participate in a social experiment in attempts of becoming social media influencers by “faking fame.” Directed by Nick Bilton, the film spotlights aspiring media influencers Dominique, Chris and Wylie. YouTubers Christy Lemire, Alonso Duralde, and Matt Atchity from the Breakfast All Day Podcast channel, share their thoughts on the film now available on HBO Max streaming.

The conclusion to come to as you mentioned Alonzo, is the paradox that everyone is trying to seem accessible and relatable and look at me, I'm just like you, you can do this too. But you really can’t because you have to spend money on photo shoots and lighting and bots. And so this incredible, luxurious lifestyle is not accessible to you, it’s actually very alienating.

Definitely an eye-opening and at the same time, horrifying documentary on “fame” in the era of social media, according to Christy, who also credits the film to highlighting the real work and hustle that goes into creating this lifestyle. She does note, the documentary also reiterates how unrelatable “being famous” can actually be to the regular everyday audience.

Fellow host Alonso describes a scene as very unsettling: a bunch of “influencers” taking a trip on a bus and no one is actually interacting. Everyone is looking down on their phones, meticulously updating their social media. YouTuber Matt finds the film's point of view as fascinating and wishes the film was able to go further into the experiment that was ultimately halted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

I actually kind of low keep really dug this movie. And I’m disappointed that because we see in the movie, Covid brings the whole thing to a grinding halt … it would be fascinating to see how far they could have gotten without Covid standing in the way.

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