Everyone Should Watch Disclosure says Break Room of Geeks

In the Netflix documentary Disclosure (2020), the film takes a look at the history, present and future of trans representation in the media through the voices of trans people. The film made its premiere at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and is now streaming on Netflix. Produced and directed by Sam Feder, the film dives in deep into the stories of trans people and the American culture. YouTuber Nathaniel from the channel Break Room of Geeks as well as Council of Geeks, shares her thoughts on the moving documentary.

The one simple brilliant thing that this documentary does is give voice to trans people. Because there is no narrator and all of the people being interviewed … every single person interviewed is trans. Even as they talk about various films, tv shows, and things like that, they don’t talk to the writers, directors, actors of those films if those people are cis. They will talk about them, but it’s about giving trans people their own voice to talk about the representation of them.

Identifying as a trans person, Nathaniel relates so much to this film and is very impressed by the way the documentary is set up to really give a stage to listen to trans voices. To hear their stories through their own words, according to the YouTuber.

The YouTuber is also delighted to see the diversity in representation of the trans community. You have trans women, trans men, trans people of color, trans people with different occupations and backgrounds: “an amazing diverse group” says Nathaniel, who recommends that EVERYONE see this film.

YouTuber Nathaniel from the channel Break Room of Geeks and Council of Geeks, rates and reviews movies and TV shows regularly.